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 Miracle Mind Body Program

 Freedom From Anxiety in 6 Weeks

For JUST $997! 🤯

We have cracked the code on eliminating anxiety and stress to give you peace of mind every day. The fastest way out of your overthinking mind is into the refuge of your own body.

You will not only get the knowledge and understanding of how and why your system manufactures thoughts and anxiety, but you will learn how to take action and transform stress, anxiety, and tension into power and freedom.



Creating, co-creating, and committing to your path forward without attachment.

Setting yourself up for success.


The Law of Attraction

Believing and seeing yourself with clarity and purpose.

The material world is not the only world that exists.


The Human Being

What am I and how do I work? Explained.

This will be a turning point for you on your way to mental and physical well-being.


Anxiety and Stress are Not The Enemy

They are your body’s intelligence at work. When you try to “get rid” of anxiety and overthinking, you can actually make the problem worse.

You cannot think your way out of anxiety.

You must break the cycle and start with a fresh perspective.

We show you how and support you every step of the way.


The Relaxation Response

Learn how to turn on the physiological response to radically shift your nervous system into relaxation mode.


Dynamic Breathwork

The breath is the key to life! Learn how to control it and use it to energize, sedate, empower and heal.


Claiming Your Daily Practice

Create healthy habits that integrate and assimilate effortlessly into your life.



“You cannot meditate, you can only make the conditions right for meditation to occur naturally.” We show you how!


Shifting Into A Positive Mindset

Stop negative thought patterns.

You cannot achieve mental health if you keep sabotaging yourself.

Uplevel your thoughts and language.


Detoxify Your Mind and Body

“Your body keeps the score.”

Raise your vibration through mindful eating and nutrition.


Building Momentum

Get out of your own way to get to where you want to go.

Cleaning up toxic relationships.


 Nervous System Reset

Get out of your head! Your nervous system is the main driver of stress in your body.

We teach you how to reset it as a practice that is integrated right into your life.


The Truth Sets You Free

Remove the blocks that keep you from where you want to be in life.

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Are there money back guarantees?

Yes. We are 100% dedicated to helping people feel and heal. If you don't experience changes in the first few modules we will give you a full refund. Joseph has never offered this program for this price anyway and probably never will again. Simply, email us at and we'll process your refund.

How fast can I start seeing results?

Everything in these modules is designed to be implemented immediately. Of course, there’s no magic pill, especially for wellness.. We’ve never had anyone do the program without getting excellent results. If you truly go through our program and implement the daily practices, I promise that you will see and feel results fast. 

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